Acne Scars – Aftermath Effects

Acne Scars AftermathDo you still struggle with the aftermath effects of your acne?  Do you find yourself stressing about finding the right acne scar removal solution?  Do you worry that severity of your acne will be consequential in sever scar formation as well?

The sooner you start the correct treatment that’s appropriate to the severity of your condition the better as it will drastically reduce the potential for severe scar formation.  However, studies show that by postponing acne treatment for 3 years is most likely to result in significant acne scarring.

Seeking an early remedy is by far the best way forward as every year about 10 million Americans face acne scarring to some extent, and 95% of them will develop marked scarring,

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Acne Scars

No single treatment is suitable for every sufferer with acne scars but luckily there are several procedures that can significantly improve your appearance and complexion that’s recognized by the FDA.  Severe acne results from the same causes as all the other acne forms, such as:

  • Acne Cause #1: Oil glands that are overactive
  • Acne Cause #2: Hair follicles that have excess dead skin cells within the pores
  • Acne Cause #3: The above conditions permit an environment where Propionibacteria acnes allow the bacteria to thrive.

Irritated and inflamed acne spots develop when your hair follicle ruptures letting infected bacteria leak into the skin’s dermis.

Should this rupture happen near your skin's surface the spot is generally minor which heals quite quickly, but deeper ruptures cause mush more serious lesions which develop into cysts, and if touching follicles rupture as well they develop into nodules.

Once the cyst ruptures the infected bacteria deep within your dermis is very quickly attacked by the white blood cells which starts to fight the infection.


Aftermath Effects

Not all acne scarring is alike or the same as the way the blood cells tackle the infection and your body’s response differs with two consequences:

  • Scar Outcome #1: Tissue creation increases; known as keloid or hypertrophic collagen made up of fibrous protein building up to protect the skin wound creating a smooth scar seen more commonly on men’s upper bodies.
  • Scar Outcome #2: Tissue creation decreases; known as rolling, boxcar or ice-pick atrophic depressions made up from tissue loss, the most form seen in both women and men.

Fortunately in today’s world of medical advances and technological innovations there are several remedies and procedures available for scar-removal, to restore and correct your skin’s function:

  • Restorative Technique #1: Laser Treatments
  • Restorative Technique #2: Injectable Fillers
  • Restorative Technique #3: Punch Excision
  • Restorative Technique #4: Subcision
  • Restorative Technique #5: Dermabrasion
  • Restorative Technique #6: Chemical Peels
  • Restorative Technique #7: Topical Vitamin Creams.

Acne Scars MiracleAcne prevention is the most effective and best form of treatment, so don't put off or delay your treatment plan as the sooner you dealt with it the less likely you will have acne scars.


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