Cystic Acne – Severe & Dangerous

Cystic Acne SecretAs an acne sufferer do you find yourself avoiding mirrors?  Do you shy away from social situations?  It’s amazing that in today’s world we typically come armed with all types of preconceptions and naïve understanding about our health, many of which are untrue.

For example, some acne sufferers naturally believe that acne is just spots and by scrubbing their skin hope to get rid of it, not knowing that this can lead to cystic acne and so make their condition more severe and dangerous.

Skepticism of what we don’t understand puts us at a serious disadvantage when encountering undiscovered knowledge which impacts quick and safe healing practices.

We may not understand very much which makes us act in the best way we can with what we do know, but we must always be ready to change our minds!

Real Truth Book’s time-honored coaching and support can help you through the important steps to free yourself permanently from acne.  We provide the real truth on how to treat and cure a wide range of dermatological conditions such as rosacea psoriasis and acne vulgaris.  Acne is a skin condition usually causing spots, pimples, whiteheads, blackheads, cystic, and comedonal papular and pustular acne.

No matter what form of this horrible skin disease you’re suffering with, our roadmap treatment plan can be aligned to the severity of your particular condition, even if it is cystic or nodulocystic acne the most severe form of acne vulgaris.

Stay with us… you may be quite surprised about what you’ll learn here!


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Cystic Acne

Also known as nodulocystic acne, this regrettably is the most dangerously severe manifestation of acne vulgaris which develop as deep and inflamed breakouts on your skin.  Nodulocystic sufferers generally have both nodules and cysts forming, however sufferers with only nodules and without cystic lesions are considered to have nodular acne.

Severely inflamed cystic forms of acne are usually painful and feel like lumps under your skin's surface which are soft filled with fluid.

On the other hand, nodules are also painful hard lumps which appear as much deeper and larger forms in the skin which take much longer to heal.

These ugly blemishes can quickly become enlarged and enflamed through no fault of your own, no matter what form you may have, get your doctor or dermatologist to correctly diagnose it in order to effectively treat your acne condition with this severity.

Why are some scientific ideas hard to believe in making our mind so resistant to facts especially when these facts are supported by irrefutable evidence?

The problem with cystic and nodulocystic acne is that this form can affect anybody especially adolescent boys and young adult men, and it has a common tendency to be prevalent in families where either parent has suffered previously with acne.

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Severe and Dangerous

Some acne sufferers are liable to develop these serious breakouts more so than others.  Both cysts nodules start out as deep fractures that result with infection setting in around the pore wall of your skin.

Your body reacts by forming a membrane tissue over the infection within the dermis, the inner layer of skin beneath your epidermis which is composed of connective tissue, hair follicles, sweat glands, blood and lymph vessels, and nerve network.

It’s these lymph vessels that can transport infection such as cancer cells, viruses, bacteria, etc.  And breakouts hurt your healthy skin by damaging and destroying the surrounding tissue and significantly increase the likelihood of you developing scarring.

Therefore trying to pop your cysts or nodules or even picking at them must be avoided in all circumstances which can seriously damage your skin, worsen your acne and leave you with deep scarring.


Real Truth Book

Cystic Acne Free NaturallyUnfortunately it’s common if you have severe acne to feel embarrassed, humiliated and resentful because of how you look and the condition of your skin.  Acne can damage your self-esteem which could easily result in depression when not treated effectively and should you feel acne is starting to affect your quality of life, be sure to talk to your doctor soon as possible.  Happily with a quick miracle treatment you will find your self-confidence and self-esteem improves dramatically.

The severity of cystic and nodulocystic acne can be very difficult to control and powerful conventional medications are usually prescribed which can take several attempts to find the right treatment or combination of treatments that will work for your particular condition.  So try not to get too disheartened and discouraged if at first your treatment remedy doesn't work:

  • Common Treatment #1: Oral antibiotics
  • Common Treatment #2: Oral contraceptives - for women
  • Common Treatment #3: Accutane (isotretinoin)
  • Common Treatment #4: Intralesional corticosteroid injections
  • Common Treatment #5: Surgical excision and drainage.

It is thought that home treatment is ineffective and by aggressive treatment of this acne form can help to minimize your severity of scarring.  But fortunately these are other options available that are holistic and totally natural! 

This highly recommended acne remedy and guided wellbeing roadmap is your path to being Acne Free In 3 Days, and is clinically proven and verified by customers from all over the world.

This scientifically advanced system has been created by Chris Gibson a former sufferer himself who cured his own severe acne condition and it can be your road to being acne-free… start your journey now!


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